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Fastrak Rolling Tarp Systems


When you add up all the benefits of the Fastrak® Rolling Tarp System compared to the hassle of manual tarping, there is simply no argument.

When it comes to covering your load the Fastrak sliding tarp system glides over the load without ever touching your customer’s product, projecting a professional image to your clients. Your drivers simply walk the tarp closed, tension the tarp, lower the flap door, and depart. You can also do full graphics on the tarps to turn your truck or trailer into a driving billboard for even more company advertising exposure.

Details make the difference. Designed for ease of use, longevity, and low maintenance, Fastrak is the most thoroughly engineered system on the market. Computer aided design and testing is used to anticipate and eliminate areas of limited strength, and advanced materials increase the long-term durability of component parts.

This system can install on existing flatbeds with only having to rework the front headache rack. It can be equipped on vehicles pre-equipped with cranes, rear lift gates and truck mounted forklift packages.

The strength and security of Fastrak rolling tarp system is backed by an industry-leading warranty and factory support
from ABM Equipment & Supply. We have rolling tarping systems for flat beds, straight trucks and semi trailers. Contact your ABM sales specialist for more detail

FasTrak Sliding Tarp


FasTrak II Rolling Tarp


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FasTrak Tarp System




FasTrak Tarp Open



FasTrak Tarp Closed



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