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VersaTran Retriever

Versatran Roll Backs

There are several ways Retriever can increase the profitability of your business. With the features this product has over conventional rollback units it's no wonder so many people have chosen this product over conventional rollback units. No hydraulics, No idle time, standard features that pushes the competition out of the market. It's time your company looked at the Versatran equipment transporter for your businsess!

Versatran Models

  Heavy Duty -15T Heavy Duty-20T Specifications
  • Length: 24' - 28'
  • Width: 102"
  • Payload: 30,000 LBS
  • ON GVWR: 58K
  • Length: 24' - 28'
  • Width: 102"
  • Payload: 40,000 LBS
  • ON GVWR: 70K


Verstran Features & Options

Pay a little more for a Retriever truck bed, and end up paying less for the truck to mount it on. In the final analysis, PAY LESS!!

The actual cost of a transport bed is the TOTAL of the bed's cost PLUS whatever extra you have to pay to upgrade the truck's chassis to accommodate the bed.

With Retriever, there are no chassis upgrade charges:

  1. There's no need for a second frame... because Retriever weighs less due to lack of hydraulic components.
  2. There's no need for a transmission upgrade, a PTO or Wet Kit to operate hydraulics. The savings on these two items can be up to $6,000.
  3. You may even be able to save additional thousands on the cost of the truck itself, since Retriever can carry larger, heavier loads on smaller trucks.

In addition... to these initial out-of-pocket savings, Retriever will reduce your operating expenses every time you use it, increasing its value on a day-to-day basis.

Depending on the type of equipment you're presently using for transport, Retriever can save from $1,500 to $3,000 annually per vehicle in maintenance expenses. Some of the reasons why:

Minimal Moving Parts

Depending on how you count, Retriever has one or two moving parts... and when there is so little that can go wrong, there is also very little that requires maintenance and repair... meaning the savings are substantial... an average of about $1,500.

In addition...

Without hydraulics, there is no fear of fluid leaks and spills, and the environmental clean up costs they can produce... a significant figure that's not included in the savings computation.

Fewer nicks and gouges mean little or no appearance upkeep

Retriever is finished with a combination of Sherwin Williams Kem-Flash Ultra Bond Primer and Kem 400 Enamel.

The epoxy ester primer is specially formulated for off-road equipment, so it can handle tough treatment. 400 Enamel is also a special purpose, high-gloss product formulated for metal applications.

Retriever can keep working, and looking good, for much longer, so you spend less on vehicle upkeep... an amount not included in the $1,500 estimate.

Retriever can keep working, and looking good, for much longer than equipment that's more susceptible to rusting, so you spend less on vehicle upkeep... an amount not included in the $1,500 estimate.

There are several ways Retriever can increase the profitability of your business:

Delivering Larger Equipment on Smaller Vehicles

You can move more different kinds of equipment easier, and for less, with Retriever.

If your delivery equipment options are only a semi-trailer and/or a rollback, you're often faced with the dilemma of too much or too little truck for the job. Retriever solves that problem because of it's ease of use and adaptability to a wide range or equipment.

Retriever's Unique Features

Since Retriever does not use hydraulics to move the deck or ramp, it's lighter, even though it's constructed of heavy gauge materials. The missing hydraulic system weight is available for payload, letting you haul heavier equipment on smaller trucks.

Retriever's multi-position ramp can be used to extend the effective length of the deck, allowing the handling of longer equipment.

The Financial Gain

Larger, heavier equipment generally produces greater rental income per delivery.

Smaller trucks can be driven by lower-paid, non-CDL drivers. (Retriever can haul up to a 11,000 lb. payload on a non-CDL truck, reducing your operating costs.)

The combination of increased revenue and lower cost per trip produces greater profits per trip.

Handling more Vehicles per Day

Retriever's Unique Features

Retriever is simpler and easier to operate than either rollbacks or trailers. (You don't have to be able to back up a trailer to use Retriever.)

Retriever can also handle more different kinds of equipment, so a Retriever can be busy more hours of the day.

Retriever can make either ground or dock level deliveries/pickups.

Due to its integral Rear Hitch, Retriever can trailer additional equipment when the deck surface is fully loaded, permitting higher revenue single-trip deliveries.

NOTE: Smaller, narrower equipment, such as scissor lifts, etc. can be loaded side-by-side on Retriever.

The Financial Gain

Driver/operators spend less time per delivery, meaning they make more deliveries per pay period, which both generates more revenue per period, and reduces the cost of each delivery.

Individual deliveries can involve multiple pieces of equipment, and/or larger equipment, increasing the revenue produced per delivery, and reducing the cost per dollar of revenue.

Each incremental delivery/pickup generates significant profit margins, since the only meaningful additional expense is fuel cost.

Operating One Vehicle Instead of Two or Three

Retriever's Unique Feature

Retriever's lower "empty" weight and greater operational flexibility lets you handle more, different kinds of equipment with a single vehicle.

The Financial Gain

You have to buy and maintain fewer pieces of hauling equipment

There are fewer "idle" hours per piece of hauling equipment, which reflects an increase in the overall profitability of your hauling operation.

Depending on the range of equipment you handle, you may not have to employ people with specialized skills who utilize those skills only infrequently, reducing head count and overhead expenses.

The Chance to Reduce Your Workers Compensation Costs

Work sites are not always ideal for delivering or picking up heavy, industrial equipment. On-the-job injuries can easily occur, and when they do, they present a major business expense.

Retriever is designed and built to limit the potential for workplace injury

Low Deck Height

Many injuries occur through the simple act of climbing on or jumping off the truck deck. When loading or unloading, Retriever's deck sits very low to the ground (as little as 17", depending on the chassis to which it's mounted).

It's also easier, and therefore safer, to secure equipment that is within easy reach while standing on the ground.

When elevated into transport position, Retriever maintains an extremely low center of gravity. The truck is more stable on the roadway, and uneven road surfaces.

Horizontal Loading Surface

The Retriever's deck doesn't move front to back. The surface on which the transported equipment is parked remains virtually parallel to the ground throughout the operation. The operator can work comfortably and safely, standing straight up.

The Industry's Shallowest Ramp Angle

Retriever's multi-position ramp can achieve a load/unload angle between 10.8º and 14º, again depending on the chassis. Such a gentle incline gives the operator a good view of the deck's surface, limiting the potential for drive-on accidents. It also reduces the likelihood that a piece of equipment could "get away" from an operator while it's being unloaded.

It's easier and safer to winch disabled or underpowered equipment, particularly using the remote control capability, when the incline is shallow allowing the equipment to maintain more of its horizontal stability.

40-Tie Down Locations, with Chain Storage

There are tie down locations on each side of Retriever as well as front and back, plus optional slots in the center of the deck, plus chain storage at both the front and rear end. Making it easy for the operator to do the right kind of job helps ensure the job will get done right.

Non-Skid Epoxy Deck Surface

Standard on every Retriever is an advanced long-lasting coating that provides a high-traction surface, improving operator footing in dewy or rainy weather or when the operator's boots or the work surface itself become muddy. In addition, Up-N-Atom will also customize Retriever with optional grouser bars.

Cab Protection

A 1/4" high strength, high yield steel bulkhead guards the cab, while providing a good "rear view".

Steps and Grab Handles

To make access to Retriever's deck even easier, optional Steps and Grab Handles are available.

One Retriever Can Do the Work of Several Different Types of Trucks

Reduced Investment in Hauling Equipment Plus Lower Operating and Maintenance Costs

Retriever offers a unique combination of lighter weight and extendability. You can haul different kinds and sizes of equipment with a single Retriever. Vehicle utilization improves. Revenue per mile increases. Margin expands. Replacement and upkeep costs diminish. Profits grow.

Lacking the Weight of a Hydraulic System, Retriever Can Haul More.

Since Retriever doesn't have to carry around hydraulic pumps, lines, valves and an over-sized chassis, it can carry more equipment weight, letting you add larger, heavier units to the list of equipment a single Retriever can haul.

Ramp Can Serve as a Deck Extension

Locked in a horizontal position, Retriever's Multi-position Ramp can support up to 8,000 lbs. This effectively extends Retriever's deck length by up to four (4) feet, permitting you to haul longer equipment that would otherwise require more expensive flatbeds. In addition the extended ramp is 10 inches lower than the center of the main deck, allowing certain equipment (e.g.; rubber tired loader backhoes or boom lifts equipped with jibs) to be transported on the Retiever when it would otherwise be over-height on comparable rollback trucks.

Ground Level or Loading Dock

Retriever's industry-low ramp angle (10.8º to 14º) permits safer operations on more acutely angled sites than is advisable with ramps having steeper angles. You can deliver and recover more different kinds of equipment to/from more customer locations with a Retriever.

In addition, VersaTran offers an optional Dock Access Kit, consisting of heavy-duty support legs and "high lift" air springs. With the Kit, Retriever's ramp can be raised and held at varying dock heights allowing direct loading and unloading.

Winter-weather proof

No hydraulics means Retriever is unaffected by low temperatures. It can make deliveries in winter weather that has hydraulic units stuck in the shop. Being available to your customers on a more consistent basis builds their reliance on your services.

Retriever Will Earn You More, Because Retriever Can Work More Hours

Less Time in the Shop = More Time on the Road = More Revenue in the Business

The other benefit from Retriever's reduced maintenance costs is increased "up time", and a higher up time percentage translates into increased incremental revenue, reduced operating costs and a stronger competitive position due to enhanced reliability.

Retriever is simply available for work more hours of more days than any unit requiring even modest upkeep.

Retriever has so few moving parts there is virtually nothing that can wear out. Retriever is built from such heavy gauge materials, there is virtually nothing that can be broken in normal use.

Winter-weather proof

No hydraulics means Retriever is unaffected by low temperatures. It can make deliveries in winter weather that has hydraulic units stuck in the shop. Being available to your customers on a more consistent basis builds their reliance on your services.

Idle Time is Almost as Expensive as Down Time

Retriever's ability to handle more different kinds of equipment means you have fewer vehicles to buy and maintain... and fewer sitting around, eating up profits, waiting for something that only they can haul.

With Retrievers in your fleet, you can reduce the number of overall vehicles, and keep the vehicles you do have running for more hours of more days.

With so many features the chos is clear! Contact ABM Equipment today to duscuss your next future rollback solution.

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